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Saturday, September 18th, 2004
3:24 am
talking to sexxxi shawn on the phone
my address:
2323 Harvard Yard Mail Center
Cambridge, Ma 02138

sooo happy :)

current mood: tired but happy

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Sunday, August 8th, 2004
11:31 pm - are we really all leaving?
ok so my plan to keep track of everything i did this summer has totally failed
some recent things...
- met john edwards (our future vp)!! lol was also nauri korn
- that hostage situation...ya his office was 20 ft from mine, we got evacuated, needless to say one of the craziest times i can remember (i really do not have good luck w/the places i work)
- when bernard and i went to dinner as some last time to spend together and at gerald's goodbye lunch, it finally hit me that we are all leaving - some already have left, most are going soon; are we really ready for what is out there?
i mean school starts tomorrow for duval county and it feels so weird to me that after 12+ years, we arent going
stanton moves on w/out us
i started packing today and already have boxes of stuff to ship
my closest looks so empty and i realize i probably will never again truly live in my room, but just be there for vacations
its all just weird and new and exciting but also sad because i liked everything the way it was
ahh too much to think about

ohh...tues night movie then dinner...ask for more details!

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Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
11:44 am
an IM from someone...
half of the women who get raped probably put themselves in a bad position neways

wow i am sick thinking people can walk around with that a point of view like that
to blame a woman for getting raped? ugh

current mood: sick

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11:07 am - dnc
"Strength and wisdom are not opposing values." - Clinton
his speech = hell ya

current mood: pumped

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Saturday, July 10th, 2004
9:59 pm - too much...
ok so i know i said i wanted to put in here everything i do this summer, cuz i want to remember it, but since i havent updated in forever, i doubt i can get it all down (dont remember exacts but many lunches w/soni, some w/shawn etc)
at least i'll hit some of the big events

tues june 15: took sejal to scheduling; work; cross creek
wed june 16: work, dont remember what else
thurs june 17: work, grocery shopping w/soni (our great meal lol), took sej to blockbuster, got ready for gville
fri june 18: went to gville (lol how bout that meal soni: mini muffins, coke, lunchables, chips, bob, gum...)
hung out at nirmitas, some of her friends
saw her sis house, future apartments
went to dinner w/her friends and all
got dressed up
some stuff that cant be said here...
238 west
back to ___ - people were there for a while
soni went away lol; stayed awake till like 3-4
sat june 19: woke up at like 1 maybe; got ready; olive garden; left gville; garba w/sej?
sun june 20: fathers day; dont remember the rest
mon june 21: work, piano
tues june 22: work, dont remember the rest; maybe when ila auntie/suresh uncle and priest came over? some softball too then
wed june 23: work, sickk
thurs june 24: work, left early, sick
fri june 25: doctor, went to orlando; went to citywalk, hard rock cafe etc
sat june 26: florida mall, pirate dinner show, downtown disney, pf chang, cheesecake factory, etc
sun june 27: indian shopping in orlando (im sooo jealous - srk is coming when i leave!), came home, pizza lol
mon june 28: work, long lunch w/nicki (glad to see her again), piano, softball, basketball incident
tues june 29: work, lunch w/shawn
wed june 30: work, lunch w/katie, fahrenheit 9/11 w/soni (loved it!)
thurs july 1: work, dont remember
fri july 2: batting cage maybe, music program, bowling (me ruhi jason shawn katie logan bernard 2 of shawns cousins eric jason later lauren and shawns friend, village inn)
sat july 3: shopping w/sej, dont remember - hum tum maybe?
sun july 4: shopping in st augustine, aan, a walk to remember (again), fireworks
mon july 5: day off, dont remember
tues july 6: work, got my ib diploma!, EDWARDS chosen!!! hell yess
wed july 7: work, dont remember
thurs july 8: work, village inn w/josh
fri july 9: doctor, deval didi's place, saw assassin w/sonia david k gerald, newkid was there, starbucks, weird sobriety test thing on the road
sat july 10: lazy, pooja
i know i missed a couple poojas in there, finishing the runaway jury, nights in rodante (?), movies, stuff like that
i hate how this is a list and not an entry but i just know every summer i regret not keeping a diary or something w/the stuff i did so heres my attempt

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Saturday, June 19th, 2004
7:36 pm - meet punam...
cant update now - much to much to say about this weekend :)

How to make a msweetie86

1 part intelligence

3 parts ambition

1 part instinct
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Serve with a slice of lustfulness and a pinch of salt. Yum!

current mood: ecstatic

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Wednesday, June 16th, 2004
11:36 pm - i love my 2/3rds
MSweetie86: im sooooo excited tooo!!
Auto response from eysa nimli: may may and sona will be here in two days!!! YEA!!!!!!

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Monday, June 14th, 2004
10:44 pm - ugh i hate trying to remember everything
note: unless ur actually interested in what all i did this past week, this is mostly my "notes to self" - things i want to remember (meaning soni u get all of em lol)

hmmm havent done my "daily" update of what ive been doing in a while
good luck to me remembering everything (soni i might have to call u just like u did w/ur diary to see what went on, since almost everything we did was together)
fri june 4:
-not sure what i did all day long
-shah/gandhi outing to see harry potter!! soooo good - i like russell's review a lot (www.rockithardcore.com)
the lines were insane (luckily we bought our tickets in advance) - but then just to get ur ticket ripped we waited like 20 min and then another 20 to get in the theater ahh
nice seeing ona
i cant believe we got out of line for food just so we could see the "harry potter previews" - o well i think the popcorn and drinks and all that other junk we already had were enough and then u got ur hot dog
-dance practice
-hmm what did i do? oh yaa puja! and then we went to sonis for a lil
-family friends stopped by for the afternoon/grad gift and such
-sat in the lunchroom for the 1st time - wow how speechless was i w/the conversations lol
-work, went w/dad to moes - running into those 2 was not at all awkward lol
-olive garden: alex, liz, brandon, me, eric, katie, shawn, david k, david l, mike s, becky, sipra - i think thats all
-work/lunchroom again - ah lol
-dance practice
-sej got hurt - :( i love u - went to ER for a quick clean up - thank you Pankaj uncle!!
(What he did for Sejal made me call Soni crying. I realize that leaving Jax is not just leaving family/friends - it is leaving this amazing Indian community. I know we gossip and have all this drama, but people are always there for you. Just seeing how many people were so proud of graduation/Harvard all that is really touching. It is just one of those things I wont ever have again.)
-work - lol how much time did soni i spend talking or seeing each other today? - called me at work in the morning, took me to lunch (how long does firehouse take??), emailed me at work, talked twice on the drive home, talked once i got home, IMed at home, met at cicis, spent the rest of the day together lol
-cute girls night! sej me soni moni anita anjali - cicis, dropped em to the movies (played moms - we protected the more important ones and then checked the boys' intentions lol)
-went to raja grocers
-went to sonis house
-went to blockbuster
-picked the girls up
-heard their gossip, soni experimented with my hair (=ahhh)
-watched the exorcist
-soni and i, being old, went to sleep after (we know u girls were up to something)
-girls went home
-not sure what i did most of the day
-carrabas at night (me soni bernard ruhi sipra shawn david k katie eric) and then sound of music at seawalk pavilion (haley, jason, billy, marco came) but ended up spending most of the time on the beach
-ashwinis grad party - performed a dance
-one ba's surprise party
(memorable quotes include sagar to soni: u gotta reach deeper and badal and i swear we heard what did u feel)
-news to us: A g u J u 2 Dy 4:  u and sonia had sex wen u were 17
-im glad this reminded u of me lol A g u J u 2 Dy 4: my little future millionare http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1101040607-644207,00.html
-630 puja - ughhh so pissed (but very grateful that nirmitas parents drove all that way that early to be here!!)
-work - wasted almost an hr talking to just christy and whitney - thats exactly how id like work to always be lol
-lunch w/soni
-sagar im scared of all our emails this afternoon ending up in admin's hands

now pissed that our weekend gainesville trip has been shortened
o well
dinner tomorrow at cross creek
wed night - dinner at moes probably and then stepford wives
take sej to scheduling tomorrow morning and im exhausted and havent eaten since lunch and ahhh

current mood: ahhh

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Tuesday, June 8th, 2004
12:02 am - update later
ill put my daily events later, im already talking, reading, and learning to write hindi but gota throw this in since i made the profile lol
A guJu 2 LiVe 4: so wen u want to get married
MSweetie86: maybe right after grad school?
A guJu 2 LiVe 4: sounds nice
MSweetie86: like propose when we are in grad school, but the actual marriage will be a lil after
A guJu 2 LiVe 4: aite jus tell me da time and date
A guJu 2 LiVe 4: ill be der
MSweetie86: we'll schedule it in
A guJu 2 LiVe 4: aite
A guJu 2 LiVe 4: i kno ull have a tough schedule and all...
A guJu 2 LiVe 4: but jus give me like 5 min
A guJu 2 LiVe 4: hah
MSweetie86: ill pencil u in, no worries

MSweetie86: but they'll want to see the ring
A guJu 2 LiVe 4: i got it dont worry... ill make it out of taco bell sauce rite now
A guJu 2 LiVe 4: for rite now
A guJu 2 LiVe 4: dont worry
A guJu 2 LiVe 4: itll change wen i start makin money...
A guJu 2 LiVe 4: hah
MSweetie86: wow we could just use taco bell sauce as the decorations for the whole wedding
A guJu 2 LiVe 4: lol

hmm what an indian wedding lol

current mood: amused

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Thursday, June 3rd, 2004
11:00 pm - lol
SoniG29: im glad that we are alive as well

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10:34 pm - crazy day
man i hate updating after a long time cuz i dont remember all that want to say but i know i have so much
so i'll go back to my random updates just cuz i like having stored somewhere all the things im doing this summer
mon (5/24):
dont remember :)
-went to school, got diploma, turned in cords, saw teachers - kinda sad/sentimental
-phone convo w/mr. atwood about the job
-pizza palace: me, ruhi, shawn, jason, david l, mike s
-i think this was the day when i met soni and ona, had ice cream
-moe's food
-watched paycheck

don't remember most
-aditi came and we choreographed
-either today or thurs went to the mall w/soni and badal - badal loved ur poses, soni and i did a nice job w/the clothes :)

don't remember

don't remember
i know i did a lot of cleaning

-Soni's grad!! I luv u! Congrats!!
-got ready
-going away party for shilpa didi (sad :( our dance group was definitely around before she came, but we finally hit that level that we were so proud of after she taught us)
-nirmita stayed
-friends :(

-olive garden
-saw horrible old dubbed movie

-don't remember the morning
-got nirmita
-soni's senior recital/grad party - you were unbelievable!

-went to dad's office
-started work
-met everyone - luved some intros lol (stanton was such a fishbowl - people are so easily amazed elsewhere)
-i love the spot(*wink wink*)
-swooned at the intro.
-dad came for lunch
-wow: i did real legal stuff - im scared - what if i screw it up - these are real cases, lots of $ ahh
-don pablo's for dinner: me, katie, eric, ruhi, shawn, gerald, david k
-next tues: olive garden on philips at 7

-went to dad's office for a little
-hr time made my whole day
-mom, dad, sej came for lunch
-stupid 3 hr computer training - i realized that almost falling asleep, much like school, is very bad when it is at work, in front of the trainer and the new hr director
-saw Main Hoon Na - i love srk but zayed = not bad either!

-dad's office till 850
-soni came for lunch
-got the comp finally
-got to do more scary stuff! i cant believe "?" thought i was __ = (soni, nirmita - we dont have our names, so i dont know what to use lol)
-ahhhh *giggles/blushes*
-hung out w/soni - ok how scary

(edited obviously soni lol)
MSweetie86: no me and soni were hanging out
MSweetie86: and this guy sat down at a table near us
MSweetie86: i mean this creepy weird guy
MSweetie86: and he put his chin in his hand and just stared at us for 25 min and everytime we glanced he smiled and tried to get our attn
MSweetie86: then he went outside, to the window next to us and stood against it looking at us and then walked to sonis car and back to the window next to us
MSweetie86: so we were really scared so he came back in and then we got up as thoug hto leave and he got up so we kinda hid behind a shelf for a while
MSweetie86: we were @ starbucks in barnes and noble
MSweetie86: then he went to the table we were sitting at and just stood up and stared around
MSweetie86: we were so scared to leave
MSweetie86: not built but like lanky and u could see him like running after u

and thank u david korn for saving our day! lol too bad his focus was my book but its all good

harry potter tomorrow! and i need more work clothes (lol as told to soni - backless shoes are allowed - uh what)

i really like his idea (this way we cant get lazy and have to make an effort to stay in touch and keep coming back)
gdogliles: well each tuesday everyone brings in something valuable of their own (sentimentally or economically) and they switch with someone else, so you have to come back the next tuesday or some tuesday afterward to get your item back

tomorrow - jordan sinclair! finally after a wk heheh

ok thats all for now

current mood: giggly

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Monday, May 24th, 2004
12:26 am - more random quick updates...
-wasted lots of time
-tried to study for comp govt
-dont remember the rest of the day

-ap comp govt
-went to starbucks w/shawn
-lunch w/mom
-love jordan/chris beetem/jen/bailey chase/chris
-badal's pooja/grad party ("bhest friend", nice walk in the lawn, crazy kids)

-can't remember much
-saw mean girls (some time together huh sej)

-woke up at noon
-finally read some of the 5th harry potter
-dhaval's grad party

im gona go tues to get diploma/turn in cords
i dont start working this wk so its weird - i dont know what to do w/myself
i mean going out w/friends will take a lot of time but what about the rest? for 4 yrs i have always had something to do, even in the summer u could have something but right now i have no obligations
i'm not used to this lol
and let me say how sad it is and yet also how accomplished i feel when i drive along and all these signs have "congrats class of 2004" on em or when the radio djs say it and then play the song graduation
ok more later

current mood: relaxed

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Wednesday, May 19th, 2004
11:35 pm - quickly...
quick update on my events (hopefully actual explanations later)
-grad rehearsal
-brunch at cracker barrel
-sneaker's for becky's party

-waste time
-get sej
-paxons grad

-waste time
-get sej
-bowling alley

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Monday, May 17th, 2004
3:18 pm - Congrats!!
Class of 04 - Congrats! We did it!
I can't believe we GRADUATE today. I don't even know what to say/feel - happy, sad, nervous?
I love you all!

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12:30 am - today...
-woke up, was lazy
-watched friends during lunch!
-went to baccalaureate (the priest from our temple spoke; great speech by katie; ms. burke was good)
-lots of pics
-could not keep my parents and shawn's from talking
-went to wal-mart for little things
-went to sonia's - 3/3rds reunited :)
-went to biscotti's
-went to the casbah, shawn came too
-went to starbucks
-back to sonia's
-home, took like an hr to write in shawn's yearbook, while talking to him - 2 pgs plus some - my record!
-now sleep so i can be at unf bright and early - 745?? earlier than we even have to be at school!!
-we're going to brunch - join if you'd like
omg we graduate TODAY
i dont know whether to be sad or happy - but i mean we are done with school
we are going to college
wow i can't even express what im feeling right now
it made me teary eyed to see us all in our graduation stuff
i love you all - i cant wait to share my last moments of being a high school student with you all tomorrow

current mood: happy, sad, love my friends

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Saturday, May 15th, 2004
10:54 pm - today...
well today technically started when i was up last night watching gilmore girls/one tree hill after posting
-jax assoc of panhellenic alumnae banquet for scholarship (lol the women were really cool; university club is beautiful; loved the attention; saw one of my best friends from elementary school - for the loretto people - kristen won miss mandarin - did not hear about that)
-went to regency and shopped for soni's gift w/nirmita
-met soni and went shopping
-got a dress for graduation (love it! thanks girls)
-went to nirmita's (tampa dvd; friends; visitor)
-took mom to dinner since last sun she didnt want to cuz of the crowd and wanting us to study
-trying to iron/fit clothes for tomorrow and mon
k see most of you tomorrow!

current mood: disappointed

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9:44 am - for the underclassmen...
lol a finals theme song

I Will Survive
> (sent to me....don't know who wrote it)
> At first I was afraid, now I'm petrified.
> That I can't keep my GPA above a 2.5
> You know I spent those nights chillin' with my friends too long
> And that was wrong
> But now I know I must be strong
> And now they're back.
> They're in my face.
> I've got 3 finals and 2 papers due in just under five days
> I should have never partied
> Yes I know now that was wrong
> 'Cause all this work I have is gonna take me so damn long!
> And I must go!
> To the library - ohh
> And study oh so much harder than I ever have before
> It's hell, I'll tell you that
> You know it ain't no lie
> But I can't crumble
> No I can't lay down and die
> Oh no, not I!
> I will survive!
> If I can keep a 2.0 well then at least I'll be alive!
> I have got five more days to live
> My poor brain is gonna give
> But I'll survive!
> I will survive!
> I will survive!

current mood: amused

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Friday, May 14th, 2004
11:18 pm - what i did...
since i'm convinced this is going to be one of the best summers i've ever had, i dont want to forget everything
so i'm just going to note the things i've done - sorry if they make no sense
last night:
-senior banquet - sooooo long, but still enjoyable w/everyone
-got a few awards = a pleasant treat
-casbah for a little while
-went to sleep EARLY as in before 2am!!
so today:
-didnt sleep in, just so i could get up early and re-do the whole multi nb, to look like its been up to date all year
-left early and got stuck in traffic, just to make it to school at like 8:58
-got caps/gowns/cords/tickets etc - took sooo long; lol well its stanton, its how we organize things - but i'm glad we got time w/everyone
-talked to ms. lowery for a long time
-was blocked in by the teacher whose spot i parked in - luckily shawn managed to get my car out of the spot
-took care of books and all
-went to the mall - lunch w/sonia, shawn
-attempted to find a dress for graduation w/sonia = failed
-went to bernard's (people i remember: bernard, shawn, logan, ruhi, jason w, jason h, billy, lauren, kristen, david, rajiv, marco?, caryn, alex c)- saw the end of love actually (seen it before though), played taboo, enjoyed catching up w/some of the bsb divas lol
-came home, soni came for dinner - looked @ old pics (lol soni remember garba 00), tampa tape
-starbucks (didnt buy any books rite soni)
-fell asleep during the special on royalty
-now needing to get ready for tomorrow's banquet

MSweetie86: :(
Auto response from yelah63: i cant believe it's all over

jin4every1: haha, so what makes you happy to remember?
MSweetie86: everything
MSweetie86: sure ib was hell a lot of times
jin4every1: indeed
MSweetie86: but thats what made it ib - thats what drew us all closer together, what made us all bond
jin4every1: thats what ill miss
jin4every1: each time i got hit, there were more hands than i could count lifting me up
jin4every1: even when i wanted to just lay there
MSweetie86: wow exactly
MSweetie86: we had each other - good times or bad - and thats what ill miss

current mood: content

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Sunday, May 9th, 2004
12:51 pm - the end :(
ok so if people were not scared enough by my previous entries, i have more to add
i miss friends (the show)
really right now its so sad
man my thurs nites were defined by friends - i dont remember the last time i had a bad thurs cuz every thurs meant looking forward to friends
anyway so following my posts on thurs, we ordered pizza and my sis, mom, and i (dad was not home yet) watched an old episode of friends
ever since it was known that this would be the last season of friends, everytime i watched an old episode, id be laughing in the end, and then id start whimpering cuz "its almost over :("
so the episode we are watching ends at like 7:50 and im whimpering and all of a sudden i have goosebumps
and for the next 10 minutes i complain that im freezing
so we go to sit at the tv around 7:58 and my mom and sis are telling me to turn the fan on and im sitting wildly shivering in my robe and everything
then i start to feel my heartbeat racing - like after you go running for a long time, how you can just feel it pounding - so ya like that
so the 8:00 memories show starts and im crying the second it comes on, yet also like shivering and all
my mom freaks and checks my temp and its 99.8
so we keep watching and im getting a little scared cuz of whats goin on and my mom checks again and its 100.5 and then 101 and later during the episode 101.5
i didnt care though cuz all my attention was for the episode, though it really freaked me out
but whats weird is as soon as the 9-10 show ended, my temp went down, i wasnt cold, etc
i think my craziness like made me sick or something
i dont know
anyway - the episode: i loved it! i loved it because it was FRIENDS
too many shows end w/a weird finale (mad about you, seinfeld, etc)
this tied things up the way that viewers wanted, but didnt go overboard w/cheesy or dramatic
of course ross and rachel got together - when she showed up @ his apartment (i got off the plan) the tears would not stop - it was beautiful :)
chandler and joey's moment was very sad, as was seeing the table destroyed
(and the duck and chick died? awww)
i soo wish ross had taken monica's apartment like she had offered the week before
but i guess they didnt want everything to be cheesy/perfect
but just seeing it bare, thinking of all the things that had happened in there, was really sad
as was seeing the six keys and then the door (the producers/directors said they actually couldnt write the last scene cuz it was too emotional/hard for them, so they had to go a different way) - i mean there were no words, no actors, and yet it summed up so much
think of where they were in the pilot episode - young, lost, single - and then in the last - married, kids, careers, etc
and then the other thing that completely killed me - at the end of leno (which had the whole cast!) they showed a video made by as leno said "the friends family" w/music by the set designer
it showed the cast/crew EXACTLY how you want to picture them
they were lying around on the central perk floor and just hugging and hanging out
like the creators and stuff were literally laying on the floor and david and jennifer and matt and all have their arms around each other and are sitting around and then david and matt laughing and hugging and just all that
and then the video shows the set being taken apart and moved away from sound stage 24 (weird to think i saw it and now its gone - but its going to the wb museum! so its not gone forever!)
just watching them break down the apartments and roll up the carpet in central perk, take down the central perk sign and the board showing phoebe buffay playing that day and all this stuff - that was sadddd
i mean really hard to watch
well now the joey set is there and i hope that will be as successful as frasier, though i know the track record of spin-offs
seeing how hard it is w/friends ending, i guess its good that joey is there as a little bit of help to make it easier
lol i like nirmitas idea of in the future on joey, if they showed a ross/rachel wedding like if he went to it
i was so happy by the # of people that IMed me after the finale to say they had watched for me and how much they liked it
i even have gotten shawn to start watching the episodes from the beginning :)
the show had 52.5 million viewers - 2nd highest for a finale (being mash and seinfeld), though friends once had more viewers when it followed the superbowl - but still an amazing #
thats like 1 out every 6 or 7 people in the country watching
ok im sure i'll have plenty more to say as we continue to fill up tapes w/specials on the finale and buy magazines and so on
here are some of the IMs:

SoniG29: it was sooooo depressing
SoniG29: all those lil clips
sporty15ar: that wuz soo sweet
sporty15ar: aww!...well, i undersatnd u bein so attached to it..plus it wuz prolly the best show on television..ever
sporty15ar: u kno, i really didn't even watch that many episodes, but even i felt sad seeing it end
swillerer15: it was a great show
yelah63: i cried...
yelah63: good...it was very sad..but atleast it ended with ross and rachel
SoniG29: it ended and i saw my mom crying.. and i was like o i beetttttt nim and may r balling rite now
MSweetie86: on the floor tears pouring
SoniG29: hehe
SoniG29: aww
SoniG29: it was so weird tho...
MSweetie86: ?
SoniG29: i could actually imagine both of u in ur living rooms cryiing....
SoniG29: it was like u were w/ me!!
MSweetie86: hahahha i love u
KPxboix012: are you sad
KPxboix012: I mean like deep down inside are oyu hurting
jin4every1: it was weird
jin4every1: im used to them being there
swillerer15: i think the saddest part was when joey and chandler were trying to destroy the foosball table and couldn't...and then when they hugged
swillerer15: for some reason i just felt like i could relate to it
MSweetie86: that was so hard to watch
MSweetie86: but the empty apartment killed me
MSweetie86: so much happened there and then for them to have to leave it all bare
swillerer15: oh ya...that was making my heart ache
MSweetie86: yes
swillerer15: ya...it was definately sad
swillerer15: and as they each put down their keys
MSweetie86: omg
MSweetie86: so hard to see
swillerer15: i didn't know whether to laugh or to cry
MSweetie86: i know
well i idd both lol

current mood: sad

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Thursday, May 6th, 2004
6:32 pm - ah
omg this is the last thurs nite ever that i will be able to look forward to a new friends episode (lol i love nirmitas idea of playing the dvds every thurs nite for our kids)
ever since i can remember i loved thurs, cuz no matter what was happening at school, we knew that night we got to come home and see friends
*tear tear*

current mood: nostalgic

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