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the end :(

ok so if people were not scared enough by my previous entries, i have more to add
i miss friends (the show)
really right now its so sad
man my thurs nites were defined by friends - i dont remember the last time i had a bad thurs cuz every thurs meant looking forward to friends
anyway so following my posts on thurs, we ordered pizza and my sis, mom, and i (dad was not home yet) watched an old episode of friends
ever since it was known that this would be the last season of friends, everytime i watched an old episode, id be laughing in the end, and then id start whimpering cuz "its almost over :("
so the episode we are watching ends at like 7:50 and im whimpering and all of a sudden i have goosebumps
and for the next 10 minutes i complain that im freezing
so we go to sit at the tv around 7:58 and my mom and sis are telling me to turn the fan on and im sitting wildly shivering in my robe and everything
then i start to feel my heartbeat racing - like after you go running for a long time, how you can just feel it pounding - so ya like that
so the 8:00 memories show starts and im crying the second it comes on, yet also like shivering and all
my mom freaks and checks my temp and its 99.8
so we keep watching and im getting a little scared cuz of whats goin on and my mom checks again and its 100.5 and then 101 and later during the episode 101.5
i didnt care though cuz all my attention was for the episode, though it really freaked me out
but whats weird is as soon as the 9-10 show ended, my temp went down, i wasnt cold, etc
i think my craziness like made me sick or something
i dont know
anyway - the episode: i loved it! i loved it because it was FRIENDS
too many shows end w/a weird finale (mad about you, seinfeld, etc)
this tied things up the way that viewers wanted, but didnt go overboard w/cheesy or dramatic
of course ross and rachel got together - when she showed up @ his apartment (i got off the plan) the tears would not stop - it was beautiful :)
chandler and joey's moment was very sad, as was seeing the table destroyed
(and the duck and chick died? awww)
i soo wish ross had taken monica's apartment like she had offered the week before
but i guess they didnt want everything to be cheesy/perfect
but just seeing it bare, thinking of all the things that had happened in there, was really sad
as was seeing the six keys and then the door (the producers/directors said they actually couldnt write the last scene cuz it was too emotional/hard for them, so they had to go a different way) - i mean there were no words, no actors, and yet it summed up so much
think of where they were in the pilot episode - young, lost, single - and then in the last - married, kids, careers, etc
and then the other thing that completely killed me - at the end of leno (which had the whole cast!) they showed a video made by as leno said "the friends family" w/music by the set designer
it showed the cast/crew EXACTLY how you want to picture them
they were lying around on the central perk floor and just hugging and hanging out
like the creators and stuff were literally laying on the floor and david and jennifer and matt and all have their arms around each other and are sitting around and then david and matt laughing and hugging and just all that
and then the video shows the set being taken apart and moved away from sound stage 24 (weird to think i saw it and now its gone - but its going to the wb museum! so its not gone forever!)
just watching them break down the apartments and roll up the carpet in central perk, take down the central perk sign and the board showing phoebe buffay playing that day and all this stuff - that was sadddd
i mean really hard to watch
well now the joey set is there and i hope that will be as successful as frasier, though i know the track record of spin-offs
seeing how hard it is w/friends ending, i guess its good that joey is there as a little bit of help to make it easier
lol i like nirmitas idea of in the future on joey, if they showed a ross/rachel wedding like if he went to it
i was so happy by the # of people that IMed me after the finale to say they had watched for me and how much they liked it
i even have gotten shawn to start watching the episodes from the beginning :)
the show had 52.5 million viewers - 2nd highest for a finale (being mash and seinfeld), though friends once had more viewers when it followed the superbowl - but still an amazing #
thats like 1 out every 6 or 7 people in the country watching
ok im sure i'll have plenty more to say as we continue to fill up tapes w/specials on the finale and buy magazines and so on
here are some of the IMs:

SoniG29: it was sooooo depressing
SoniG29: all those lil clips
sporty15ar: that wuz soo sweet
sporty15ar: aww!...well, i undersatnd u bein so attached to it wuz prolly the best show on television..ever
sporty15ar: u kno, i really didn't even watch that many episodes, but even i felt sad seeing it end
swillerer15: it was a great show
yelah63: i cried...
yelah63: was very sad..but atleast it ended with ross and rachel
SoniG29: it ended and i saw my mom crying.. and i was like o i beetttttt nim and may r balling rite now
MSweetie86: on the floor tears pouring
SoniG29: hehe
SoniG29: aww
SoniG29: it was so weird tho...
MSweetie86: ?
SoniG29: i could actually imagine both of u in ur living rooms cryiing....
SoniG29: it was like u were w/ me!!
MSweetie86: hahahha i love u
KPxboix012: are you sad
KPxboix012: I mean like deep down inside are oyu hurting
jin4every1: it was weird
jin4every1: im used to them being there
swillerer15: i think the saddest part was when joey and chandler were trying to destroy the foosball table and couldn't...and then when they hugged
swillerer15: for some reason i just felt like i could relate to it
MSweetie86: that was so hard to watch
MSweetie86: but the empty apartment killed me
MSweetie86: so much happened there and then for them to have to leave it all bare
swillerer15: oh ya...that was making my heart ache
MSweetie86: yes
swillerer15: was definately sad
swillerer15: and as they each put down their keys
MSweetie86: omg
MSweetie86: so hard to see
swillerer15: i didn't know whether to laugh or to cry
MSweetie86: i know
well i idd both lol
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