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what i did...

since i'm convinced this is going to be one of the best summers i've ever had, i dont want to forget everything
so i'm just going to note the things i've done - sorry if they make no sense
last night:
-senior banquet - sooooo long, but still enjoyable w/everyone
-got a few awards = a pleasant treat
-casbah for a little while
-went to sleep EARLY as in before 2am!!
so today:
-didnt sleep in, just so i could get up early and re-do the whole multi nb, to look like its been up to date all year
-left early and got stuck in traffic, just to make it to school at like 8:58
-got caps/gowns/cords/tickets etc - took sooo long; lol well its stanton, its how we organize things - but i'm glad we got time w/everyone
-talked to ms. lowery for a long time
-was blocked in by the teacher whose spot i parked in - luckily shawn managed to get my car out of the spot
-took care of books and all
-went to the mall - lunch w/sonia, shawn
-attempted to find a dress for graduation w/sonia = failed
-went to bernard's (people i remember: bernard, shawn, logan, ruhi, jason w, jason h, billy, lauren, kristen, david, rajiv, marco?, caryn, alex c)- saw the end of love actually (seen it before though), played taboo, enjoyed catching up w/some of the bsb divas lol
-came home, soni came for dinner - looked @ old pics (lol soni remember garba 00), tampa tape
-starbucks (didnt buy any books rite soni)
-fell asleep during the special on royalty
-now needing to get ready for tomorrow's banquet

MSweetie86: :(
Auto response from yelah63: i cant believe it's all over

jin4every1: haha, so what makes you happy to remember?
MSweetie86: everything
MSweetie86: sure ib was hell a lot of times
jin4every1: indeed
MSweetie86: but thats what made it ib - thats what drew us all closer together, what made us all bond
jin4every1: thats what ill miss
jin4every1: each time i got hit, there were more hands than i could count lifting me up
jin4every1: even when i wanted to just lay there
MSweetie86: wow exactly
MSweetie86: we had each other - good times or bad - and thats what ill miss
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