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crazy day

man i hate updating after a long time cuz i dont remember all that want to say but i know i have so much
so i'll go back to my random updates just cuz i like having stored somewhere all the things im doing this summer
mon (5/24):
dont remember :)
-went to school, got diploma, turned in cords, saw teachers - kinda sad/sentimental
-phone convo w/mr. atwood about the job
-pizza palace: me, ruhi, shawn, jason, david l, mike s
-i think this was the day when i met soni and ona, had ice cream
-moe's food
-watched paycheck

don't remember most
-aditi came and we choreographed
-either today or thurs went to the mall w/soni and badal - badal loved ur poses, soni and i did a nice job w/the clothes :)

don't remember

don't remember
i know i did a lot of cleaning

-Soni's grad!! I luv u! Congrats!!
-got ready
-going away party for shilpa didi (sad :( our dance group was definitely around before she came, but we finally hit that level that we were so proud of after she taught us)
-nirmita stayed
-friends :(

-olive garden
-saw horrible old dubbed movie

-don't remember the morning
-got nirmita
-soni's senior recital/grad party - you were unbelievable!

-went to dad's office
-started work
-met everyone - luved some intros lol (stanton was such a fishbowl - people are so easily amazed elsewhere)
-i love the spot(*wink wink*)
-swooned at the intro.
-dad came for lunch
-wow: i did real legal stuff - im scared - what if i screw it up - these are real cases, lots of $ ahh
-don pablo's for dinner: me, katie, eric, ruhi, shawn, gerald, david k
-next tues: olive garden on philips at 7

-went to dad's office for a little
-hr time made my whole day
-mom, dad, sej came for lunch
-stupid 3 hr computer training - i realized that almost falling asleep, much like school, is very bad when it is at work, in front of the trainer and the new hr director
-saw Main Hoon Na - i love srk but zayed = not bad either!

-dad's office till 850
-soni came for lunch
-got the comp finally
-got to do more scary stuff! i cant believe "?" thought i was __ = (soni, nirmita - we dont have our names, so i dont know what to use lol)
-ahhhh *giggles/blushes*
-hung out w/soni - ok how scary

(edited obviously soni lol)
MSweetie86: no me and soni were hanging out
MSweetie86: and this guy sat down at a table near us
MSweetie86: i mean this creepy weird guy
MSweetie86: and he put his chin in his hand and just stared at us for 25 min and everytime we glanced he smiled and tried to get our attn
MSweetie86: then he went outside, to the window next to us and stood against it looking at us and then walked to sonis car and back to the window next to us
MSweetie86: so we were really scared so he came back in and then we got up as thoug hto leave and he got up so we kinda hid behind a shelf for a while
MSweetie86: we were @ starbucks in barnes and noble
MSweetie86: then he went to the table we were sitting at and just stood up and stared around
MSweetie86: we were so scared to leave
MSweetie86: not built but like lanky and u could see him like running after u

and thank u david korn for saving our day! lol too bad his focus was my book but its all good

harry potter tomorrow! and i need more work clothes (lol as told to soni - backless shoes are allowed - uh what)

i really like his idea (this way we cant get lazy and have to make an effort to stay in touch and keep coming back)
gdogliles: well each tuesday everyone brings in something valuable of their own (sentimentally or economically) and they switch with someone else, so you have to come back the next tuesday or some tuesday afterward to get your item back

tomorrow - jordan sinclair! finally after a wk heheh

ok thats all for now
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