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ugh i hate trying to remember everything

note: unless ur actually interested in what all i did this past week, this is mostly my "notes to self" - things i want to remember (meaning soni u get all of em lol)

hmmm havent done my "daily" update of what ive been doing in a while
good luck to me remembering everything (soni i might have to call u just like u did w/ur diary to see what went on, since almost everything we did was together)
fri june 4:
-not sure what i did all day long
-shah/gandhi outing to see harry potter!! soooo good - i like russell's review a lot (
the lines were insane (luckily we bought our tickets in advance) - but then just to get ur ticket ripped we waited like 20 min and then another 20 to get in the theater ahh
nice seeing ona
i cant believe we got out of line for food just so we could see the "harry potter previews" - o well i think the popcorn and drinks and all that other junk we already had were enough and then u got ur hot dog
-dance practice
-hmm what did i do? oh yaa puja! and then we went to sonis for a lil
-family friends stopped by for the afternoon/grad gift and such
-sat in the lunchroom for the 1st time - wow how speechless was i w/the conversations lol
-work, went w/dad to moes - running into those 2 was not at all awkward lol
-olive garden: alex, liz, brandon, me, eric, katie, shawn, david k, david l, mike s, becky, sipra - i think thats all
-work/lunchroom again - ah lol
-dance practice
-sej got hurt - :( i love u - went to ER for a quick clean up - thank you Pankaj uncle!!
(What he did for Sejal made me call Soni crying. I realize that leaving Jax is not just leaving family/friends - it is leaving this amazing Indian community. I know we gossip and have all this drama, but people are always there for you. Just seeing how many people were so proud of graduation/Harvard all that is really touching. It is just one of those things I wont ever have again.)
-work - lol how much time did soni i spend talking or seeing each other today? - called me at work in the morning, took me to lunch (how long does firehouse take??), emailed me at work, talked twice on the drive home, talked once i got home, IMed at home, met at cicis, spent the rest of the day together lol
-cute girls night! sej me soni moni anita anjali - cicis, dropped em to the movies (played moms - we protected the more important ones and then checked the boys' intentions lol)
-went to raja grocers
-went to sonis house
-went to blockbuster
-picked the girls up
-heard their gossip, soni experimented with my hair (=ahhh)
-watched the exorcist
-soni and i, being old, went to sleep after (we know u girls were up to something)
-girls went home
-not sure what i did most of the day
-carrabas at night (me soni bernard ruhi sipra shawn david k katie eric) and then sound of music at seawalk pavilion (haley, jason, billy, marco came) but ended up spending most of the time on the beach
-ashwinis grad party - performed a dance
-one ba's surprise party
(memorable quotes include sagar to soni: u gotta reach deeper and badal and i swear we heard what did u feel)
-news to us: A g u J u 2 Dy 4:  u and sonia had sex wen u were 17
-im glad this reminded u of me lol A g u J u 2 Dy 4: my little future millionare,9171,1101040607-644207,00.html
-630 puja - ughhh so pissed (but very grateful that nirmitas parents drove all that way that early to be here!!)
-work - wasted almost an hr talking to just christy and whitney - thats exactly how id like work to always be lol
-lunch w/soni
-sagar im scared of all our emails this afternoon ending up in admin's hands

now pissed that our weekend gainesville trip has been shortened
o well
dinner tomorrow at cross creek
wed night - dinner at moes probably and then stepford wives
take sej to scheduling tomorrow morning and im exhausted and havent eaten since lunch and ahhh
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