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Thursday, May 6th, 2004
5:51 pm - FRIENDS
ok i kind of dont want to update this because i have so much i need to write about (grad nite, no more real school, exams, etc) and people will think im crazy w/my friends stuff (if they dont already)
alrite ill save all the other stuff for a later post
this is going to be about friends so if i scare you already dont read anymore
i simply cant believe it is ending
of course there is the typical "its just a tv show" attitude
except it was so - i dont know - like real and close to us (im referring to the others who have cried over 16 times this wk w/me aka sejal, nirmita, etc)
i have watched almost every thurs nite since i was 6
never missed an episode (236!)
its been w/me from elementary to middle to high school
going to see the sets in person was quite amazing as well
it kills to see the commericals w/monicas apartment walls bare and central perk empty
i just want to believe that these characters continue to stay the way they are, in their apartments and always hanging out at central perk
nbc uses the song immortal in the friends commericals and i used to cry watching those, but now i even cry when the song comes on the radio - ok i even scare myself
im amazed w/all the hype that this is getting - every single thing possible has done a special on it - et, et on vh1, access hollywood, dateline, tvland planned to go black during the episode!!, even the local news and radio stations have it as part of the top headlines today
and w/the 30 sec commericals going for over $2 million - its obviously HUGE
it was pretty revolutionary though - think about it - it was one of the first mainstream sitcoms to openly joke about sex and other issues
its always ahead of its time w/trends and fashions (and hairstyles!)
for the creators to set it in a coffee shop back in 94 when they werent a big thing is amazing
it was a show just about 20-something year olds that are like family w/their friends
they always talk about how the network tried to make them set it in a diner or have like an older, mentor character - but no, they did it their own way
its funny to think that when they were filming the pilot episode (when monica sleeps w/a guy on the 1st date), they even gave the audience comment cards that said things like do you like monica still? do you think she is a whore/slut? just cuz the network thought people wouldnt like it and be offended
its really sad to see the actors all crying too - lol they said jennifer cried the first day of this season cuz "its the last 1st day"
its great that courtney and jennifer are even best friends now
and its amazing that the 3 girls eat lunch together every day single day
ugh i have a lot more to say but i think ive probably freaked out everyone but nirmita and sejal so thats all for now :(

akvz3: some girl said today that part of her dies today
NBC website's preview for tonite:
"FRIENDS" SERIES FINALE - AFTER TEN YEARS THE FRIENDS PREPARE TO SAY GOODBYE -- Filled with humor and bittersweet emotion, the series finale of "Friends" finds Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross embarking on the next chapters in their lives. The six of them have been there for each other through all the ups and downs of becoming adults. Now it's their last day together, and it's one of momentous events and last-minute surprises. Even as the friends make major decisions on their futures, there is a bond between them that will last forever - no matter where their paths lead. TV-14

current mood: in love with FRIENDS

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Wednesday, April 21st, 2004
7:56 pm - uh oh
did i really say this? hmmm
and is it good advice? wow i hope so (good luck buddy :) you know what i think)
MSweetie86: what ull get out of it mite hurt eventually or be time consuming, but the good times are worth it

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Tuesday, April 20th, 2004
10:11 pm - takin a break
longer post to come later probably
just taking a quick break from studying (lol ignoring that the break included one tree hill, half of gilmore girls, and talking online for way too long)
ah summer is coming! it felt great to be outside playing softball and bike riding w/sej
i can't believe this is our last "normal" week at school
i mean next week are senior exams, and that is it!
this is so exciting and yet so sad
i am not going to get cheesy and sentimental right now ... i'm just realizing how many things i want done before then
minus the studying and all that, just making sure i leave stanton on amazing terms
for sonia - you know how i tested you on your best friend abilities lol - definitely could use that talk right now - don't let me change my mind
alright back to hw
more later

current mood: indescribable

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Friday, April 16th, 2004
11:25 pm - multi
so i'm really tired and should probably sleep but really want to post about the extravaganza
i can't believe that we have been working on this show basically since the beginning of the year and its over
our last one :(
however, i am sooo pleased with how things turned out
my last post was when i was freaking out
we show up thurs afternoon, right after school, with no decorations up and totally not ready; luckily sipra had done a powerpoint cuz i have no idea what happened to herbert's
however, the officers and some other great helpers worked for like 2.5 hrs straight, seriously eating as we were hanging things up, and got everything ready
the parents were a great audience and we're so glad that we got to do a night show, which was actually an idea we came up with last yr, before we left
thanks to everyone that came to the night show - i know i was so scared when we only sold 48 tickets on wed, but over 300 were sold on thurs! (and the other 100 seats are taken up by performers) - we even had people standing in the back
today was just as much fun
after the 1st show i was worried again cuz of the music/technical issues but sipra rob and bernard were great and really handled it well
4th period was just soo much fun
all the seniors were backstage reminding each other that it was our last show and just to give it our all
i thought the dedication of the show was touching and the kisses to heaven - this one was for jackie
as for the indian dance - i know we were freaking out nearer to the end about it coming together so i'm glad that it worked out
i'm so proud of all the girls/guys that worked hard to get it down and i apologize for both mine and ruhi's yelling and rudeness
i can't believe that was our last one - eric kept talking about how it will be different w/out the seniors, next yr, but we thought that every yr - and every yr people move on and the show gets better and better so i can't wait to see what you all do next year!
i want to come back and be in the salsa too! thank u josh and ben for the lesson :) (josh - u promised! i want to learn more!) and alex and jessica for not laughing
i guess its time to sleep soon - lol i think like every person online that was in the extravaganza has sleep tired or napping in their away message - it was a hard 2 wks of rehearsal, but it paid off
i'd love to know what everyone else thought of the show! let us know

current mood: happy, satisfied, tired...

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Wednesday, April 14th, 2004
11:15 pm - insanity
wow i think i'm going to barf or just start screaming and go crazy
my stomach has butterflies and all
i'm this crazy mix of emotions right now lol
i'm usually not this nervous about shows and stuff but i guess being in leadership positions for the indian dance, indian fashion show, and co-prez of the club was a little too much to take on and now i'm freaking about all of it
bernard and i were talking about how we feel more worried than last yr, because we can't blame anything that goes wrong on anyone else or say we did our share, because when it comes down to it, we (ie bernard me ruhi sipra stephanie alex lichelle - and mrs. lowery really does as much or more than the officers so her too) are the ones that need to get it together
i'm also confused about why i'm willing to ignore so much
and then sad cuz today it was just so hard to see sooo many important people from multi last yr (justin, alvin, duncan, christine, amy, etc) - usually it would be fun, but today when they come in all black, unplanned trip, from jackies funeral - its one of those circumstances u just never want to meet under
and then i'm waiting for duncan's dedication on the radio or whatever stephanie told me they are trying to do and was reading the dedications on jackie's xanga and it is just so hard to accept, so sad
i do have to thank duncan for really making soo much sense today though - really your advice was amazing
and then add to this crazy mix all my happiness
i really shouldn't complain as much as i do - so much is perfect and rather than focus on the bad i think its important to cherish all that good
ok time to go back to hw and getting ready for tomorrow
come see the night show! 7pm auditorium - buy tickets @ lunch!

current mood: crazy

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Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
7:12 pm - random
so i really don't have anything to say - just waiting for my parents to come home from the temple so we can eat
today was - interesting
multi rehearsals took forever cuz we had to keep reworking the finale
i think we've got it down now, so hopefully it will run smoothly tomorrow
if your teacher isn't bringing your class on fri, come to the night show on thurs! its at 7 in the auditorium - tickets are $3 but they will not be sold at the door - they must be bought at lunch tomorrow or thurs
hmm so what else...i really like the daytona/orlando deal so that should be sweet
i can't decide how much i should work this summer
i will do the firm but i also kind of want a more normal teen job for a few afternoon/nights
haley sandra and i are talking about applying to barnes and noble - maybe they will let me work at the barnes and noble cafe (which is basically starbucks) since i am not old enough to work at starbucks
btw, i'm really happy for haley! finally found a high school guy that wasn't a total pain or a jerk :)
soni- nirmita leaves for summer session like may 14-ish i think she said
i'm sure we'll go a few times, but let's go like the weekend after ur grad = ?
also lauren - i thought of how you said you took care of things - actually great approach
and to sandra w/her times 2, square root, divide yada yada - lol i just remembered that and i have to say thank u sweetie! made my day
" Keep your mind set on the future, your memories planted in the past, and always your heart where it is right at this moment."
“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”
alrite thats all for now :)

current mood: complacent

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Monday, April 12th, 2004
4:31 pm - hahhaha
you are soo right
man im sorry i didnt save haley's comments from last nite
A guJu 2 LiVe 4: wat a bastard

that is where nilma (is that right?) comes in!

current mood: disgusted

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Saturday, April 10th, 2004
1:08 am - lol yay
javawithcream513: this is probly the first time i've seen you online and not soni
MSweetie86: haha! it is hard for us to be alone
javawithcream513: lol

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12:59 am - thanks sej...
haha i like the e-mail:
Five tips for a woman....
1. It is important that a man helps you around the house and has a job.
2. It is important that a man makes you laugh.
3. It is important to find a man you can count on and doesn't lie to you.
4. It is important that a man loves you and spoils you.
5. It is important that these four men don't know each other.

One saggy boob said to the other saggy boob:
"If we don't get some support soon, people will think we're nuts."


current mood: amused

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12:05 am - hmmm...
to start: RIP Jackie :( "The journey was the reward."
I have to stop and keep questioning why? Why our friends, why when they are so young, why, why ...

moving onto other stuff...
ahh how relaxing was today
just knowing that this is a 4 day weekend makes it great, no matter what work i have to do
i tried soo hard soni to resist starbucks today! wait ruhi and jason made me... ya thats it
MSweetie86: aw we miss u too! luv ya babe
Auto response from eysa nimli: gettin ready, i miss my 2/3s tonite:'( i love u guys!!
tear - we'll make it over the summer ... us together for a week though? we'll kill each other lol
i dont feel like typing a lot or anything of significance
maybe just random stuff
i think im being naive - its like the 1st deals again my 2/3s
maybe more in the cute - nirmita u do not get the other 2!
for people asking who has gotten peace out stuck in my mouth thank this one...
yelah63: hello dad
oh are we shopping for lowery on sun? show this week! i hope its grrreat
ok thats all for now
lol things not to say : MSweetie86: i liked the groom
(lol soni or the blue one if his mouth was closed)
alrite enough for now...later

current mood: loved

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Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
12:11 am - go to the site - *tear tear*

I know I have not updated in a long time - still dont have a post on how prom was, the fun college rejection feeling (accepted: harvard, uf, um, emory, georgetown, duke; waiting list: upenn; rejected: yale, princeton), etc
anyway I will get to all that this weekend hopefully

omg so i'm still reading the site (after the presentation in the beginning)
is he talking to me?? (haha that or the "decide, decide" craziness is escaping the back of my mind and wont leave me alone!)
"There will come a day when you'll finally decide that you're ready to live up to your full potential. There will come a moment when you will no longer settle for less than you know you're capable of achieving.
There will come a time when you'll no longer be satisfied with making excuses and rationalizations. There will come a time when your desire to move forward will outweigh your fear of the unknown.
There will come a time when the search for empty pleasures will seem silly compared to the pursuit of real achievement. One day you'll realize that everything you do makes a difference, and you'll put that incredible power to valuable use.
There is really no reason to put that golden day off any longer. There is every reason to go ahead and make it happen for you. You were born to do great things, to create much value, to make a real difference. The longing and frustration you feel is a constant reminder, so listen to what it has to say.
Your life can be as full as you are ready to make it. Now is the day to make it great.
-- Ralph Marston"

"A decision is nothing more than a wish until you act on it. The more quickly you act on the decisions you make, the more powerful and effective those decisions will be.
Every moment you wait before taking action makes that action less and less likely. The moment you decide is the moment to start putting real substance behind your decision.
Give power to your choices by giving them your efforts. Even if the first step is small, take it right away. For your actions will create momentum. Once momentum is on your side, you greatly increase your success rate.
Being truly decisive means more than just making decisions. It means making a commitment to see them through. That takes action. And the sooner it starts, the more power it has.
-- Ralph Marston"

hmmm...ill save those thoughts for later - after the fun of hw!

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Thursday, March 25th, 2004
10:31 pm - ugh
taking a break from "studying" physics - ie continuing to waste time
they showed "the one where no one is ready" (friends episode)! im thrilled - its one of the ones nirmita and i kept voting for to get in
im upset soni and i cant visit nirmita this weekend - i think soni and i were looking forward to seeing someone agen ... in addition to nirmita of course :)
prom is in 2 days
its such a hassle/mess for one night
we just need a dance where we can go, have fun, leave, do watever
everyone has just been pissy and at each other all week
seeing as how my date and i arent talking as of now...we'll see how prom goes
too bad all these messes are ruining any excitement (except the dress and all cuz i loove it)
haley i think we'll just have to go w/our high school boys theory - "screw em"
soni remind me about ur prom thing this weekend k
wow so now my mom is all upset about my harvard/uf dilemma
and for my seju who is trying to go to sleep -- luv ya :)
alrite back to physics...maybe read for bunton - ha wat a joke

current mood: drained

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Tuesday, March 16th, 2004
1:06 am - i love you

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12:56 am - sleeep
ok time for me to sleep but i had to throw in for those who were there...
mayu: how about this?
soni: uh where are we
sej points to the sign w/maternity in it
i just saw colors!

ok i just had an encounter w/a spider
guest room tonite!

ah people are funnier as the nite passes...
LaVaJaVa1205: it was stalking u like the silver car vala
hes ur stalker sej
LaVaJaVa1205: well now we both have stalkers
LaVaJaVa1205: except urs is dead
LaVaJaVa1205: wat a shame

LaVaJaVa1205: aww u poor child
LaVaJaVa1205: get over it

Roshman17: haha my mom is nuts
Roshman17: i woke up this morning and on my desk was this article
Roshman17: on how Heroin is now the drug of choice among high school kids in our area
Roshman17: and i ask her about it, and she says "You need to know these things before going to college."

alrite falling asleep at work mite not be the best idea so night! sweet dreams

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Monday, March 15th, 2004
11:47 pm - wow...
...its been a while! i think its cuz i have soo much to say i just dont want to sit down and type it all out
well this will be quick and random
i have to iron clothes (ugh) and get ready for work but i wanted to at least update this
spring break is awesome! i dont know how we're going to be able to go back to school
harvard was amazing
i finally found a prom dress in orlando (thanks soni and sej - im soo glad for ur opinions - i loove it now)
fri i think im goin to uf so us 3/3s can be back together
springfest worked out better than we thought it would
ok wat elsee...
oh for my 2/3s - i cant believe i still dont know about nilmas deal and ch is well ch so really cars are back to normal as in ew
haley if i didnt like u so much id attempt to hurt u for making "peace out" come out of my mouth naturally now
bernard - we can really use ur driveway? we're still working on other options but - haha sweeet
sorry about no beach today david!
alrite thats all for now
oh ya people that keep asking - my cell is supposed to go back to the 631 # but its not happening yet so for now its 994-0150

current mood: annoyed

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Sunday, February 22nd, 2004
2:15 am - i should be sleeping...
i know i havent updated in a while and since i am not tired i decided to quickly run through what is goin on w/me
im really glad i went to mock convention - the experience was great
ive realized that i really cannot stay in fl for college - it is just way too conservative for me
i think we all enjoyed how idaho was the most obnoxious state present - it was pretty much the young democrats officers so we had a good time making noise for the liberal things - edwards for prez!
meeting all the libertarian presidential candidates was - interesting?
i hate to stereotype private school kids, but their delegations really did not help the stereotypes at all (ie "Well the wealthy work the hardest so we shouldnt take money away from them to make them poorer just to help other people. Everyone had the chance it is not our fault we are wealthy." - right the kid in foster care whose parents are in prison had the same chance u did; oh and yes the teachers and middle class workers dont work nearly as hard as your ceo parents who take advantage of tax cuts and bush's incentives for the wealthy and then continue to outsource jobs overseas)
people keep mentioning that it is odd that i am such a hardcore democrat because based on family income, stereotypical policies supported by indians i should be a republican - sorry but never (i just started noticing how hypocritical some are in their willingness to pay for the war in iraq, to "free" people that never asked for our help and to get rid of weapons of mass destruction that we still havent found and yet they are against supporting the welfare system and helping some of our own fellow americans survive who are still alive only because of government aid)
lol moving on from politics before i start ranting, if i havent already -
sipras party was fun on fri nite
sorry lauren that we had to back out of going to the casbah!
im worried about finals this week since i havent done much work since the last time i had a full day of school - wed
i hear there will be a nice hummer limo for prom so that should be great
this is my note to katie - get your man!
alrite enough randomness - time for sleep

current mood: drained

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Saturday, February 7th, 2004
3:59 pm - quick
it has been a while since i updated, so i thought i'd do this real quick
im going to get ready in a while for katies party and ill make something for sejal to eat maybe :)
congrats to everyone who just found out about getting in to college!
as you can see by my posts below, i am very proud of the stantonians (is that even right lol)
soon we find out if we have 25 national merit finalists - i want to know although it gets me nooo money at harvard
lol and if they print the finalists in the paper again as they did the semi-finalists, it is always fun when stanton students take up 3/4s of the article, since we have 25 and the next highest for a school is 6
well thats the #1 school for ya
moving away from school...i think im addicted to chocolate syrup
i cannot stop drinking it!! like from the bottle
im trying to find a weekend to go visit boston but i dont know when that will be yet
springfest auditions were fun this week - some awesome talent out there
im worried about multi auditions since our group isnt quite together yet
well it will all work out
time to go

current mood: accomplished

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Sunday, February 1st, 2004
2:02 pm - more...
i know its going to sound cheesy or all sentimental, but to be honest its not the first conversation like this
i've heard quite a few people saying things like this lately and it surprised me at first until i admitted it too
he said something about liking the last lj update
swillerer15: it's true though...i didn't see the presentation but i've always known i've been surrounded by incredible people
MSweetie86: it really is amazing
swillerer15: the truth is though...no other school can even compete with what we've got
swillerer15: not even paxon
MSweetie86: tru its just really special
swillerer15: yup
swillerer15: i hate the idea of it all going away
MSweetie86: same i dont want change, like everything is just great rite now ... so many people have sed to me u dont realize what u have at stanton until its taken away
swillerer15: i like being able to sit at lunch with friends and have intelligent conversations...feel like everyone has something good to offer
swillerer15: i'm sure its true
MSweetie86: tru like we have fun but theres also so much intelligence
MSweetie86: and so much talent...everything from violinists, to actresses, to watever u can think of
swillerer15: i think that our "ib family" could literally accomplish anything we wanted
MSweetie86: oh ya i mean look at the things people are already doing
MSweetie86: and we're all so close now .. i mean people at other high schools say they dont have such a tight group even though part of it is we've been forced to be this close to survive ib
swillerer15: it's ridiculous...i bet after college we could take one of us and get them elected to almost any political office
swillerer15: definately
MSweetie86: well i mean i can completely see people accomplishing things in any field
swillerer15: yup
MSweetie86: when the 8th graders came they said would u do it agen? and as much as we complain and hate some of it i said yes for sure
swillerer15: ya i think i definately would too
swillerer15: i think ib has even kept me out of trouble
swillerer15: i could have easily messed up along the way these past four years if i didn't have something to focus on like ib
MSweetie86: well i think ive only realized what im capable of because i work as hard as ib makes me
MSweetie86: i dont know if i would have ever learned what studying was or if id really have been motivated anywhere else
swillerer15: yup...we're all dependent upon the work too
MSweetie86: yes tru

current mood: impressed

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11:22 am - its been a while
Since I haven't updated in over a week, I guess it is time.
This week has been crazy though - one of those where everything piles up and you are just trying to make it from one day to the next - world lit, physics test, performing for the 8th graders, etc
but i loved our lunch date on fri! and the movies were fun yesterday
my parents are having a little superbowl party tonight - lets see if i can win any $$ from the pool :)
ok theres something that i've been talking about with people for a while, but after reading katie's latest post, wanted to write about it (maybe its just cuz im listening to kal ho naa ho (the title song) which gets me in one of those thinking moods lol)
part of katies last post:
"But, all hatred and loathing aside, the show put on before the 8th grade tours really made my heart swell with pride at the thought of ol' SCP. There are many infinitely talented people at this school, many of whom I wasn't even aware of until this year...we've got award winning concert pianists, killer drama/thespian kids, awesome dancers/singers, and the most poised, confident, well spoken people I have ever come in contact with. We really do take alot of it for granted...that UF acceptance letter would be treasured like gold if it were to come to any "neighborhood" school kid. Heck, even honors kids arent getting in. I experienced some strange knot in my stomach upon seeing that show too...like I was jealous, in some way, knowing that these kids had no idea of what the next 4 years would hold...I could never have fathomed the experience I've had at Stanton. I've met people who have changed and influenced me in ways I never thought possible. I sure am going to miss them."

i COMPLETELY agree w/what she is saying
watching what stanton had to offer at that 8th grade show made me really proud
we've never been a group w/a whole bunch of school spirit or anything, but i cant believe how much we take it for granted
i dont know if i'll ever be around a group of people again that are as incredible as our "ib family"
stop and think of all the talent, intellect, fun we have in the people around us
everyone has something to bring - i mean seriously think of any talent and someone has it
and they obviously have to be smart to have made it this far in ib
and theres a lot of pride in it too - we have the best academic program in the state, and based on newsweek lol #2 in america and we know we rank #1 for ib in america, our drama program kills every other one in the city, based on what ive heard the art kids are also beating out the other schools, we do have some sports that rank top in the city - wow
yesterday my duke interviewer was talking to me about how amazing it is that we have such a large group of some many well rounded people - u just cant find that at any other school (well maybe paxon :) )
i know this is just getting more and more cheesy lol
but really i sooo want to go to college now in many ways, but at the same time, i dont want to leave
i hate change
i mean all my friends, family, everything ive known is here...i like things exactly like they are now
us in high school, comfortable, great life
i cant imagine in a few months ill be in a new place, possibly knowing no one, no one knowing my history or about me, on my own
(lol interesting timing, this is me w/a friend nicki:
sticki8302: i wish i was a senior in high school again!
MSweetie86: its such a blast
sticki8302: well, it is! you may not now how much of a blast it really is until you're gone! so party!
MSweetie86: haha oh i definitely want to take advantage of it!)
ok well time to go back to the awakening, but i might get sentimental again later :)

current mood: reminiscent

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Thursday, January 22nd, 2004
9:23 pm - short
this is going to be a quick update cuz i still have stuff to do
so i got more mail from harvard - but a sticker for my car too!
one acts rehearsal went surprisingly well for the day before the show - come see it and support stanton drama!
alrite im gona go
o some interesting IMs:
A g u J u 2 Dy 4: im like herpes. u cant see me but i still here
MSweetie86: ewwww
A g u J u 2 Dy 4: o cum on
A g u J u 2 Dy 4: that was romantic

jin4every1: my face hurts

aw today it was kinda sad - we saw my dads pictures that he took in india this trip and i miss em
for indians, family is the most important part of life so its hard being away from everyone
well i think i will go in the summer, if i get time off work, if i work, which i need to, but we'll see

current mood: complacent

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